omg he gonna kill da bitch selena 2.0

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Portrait art made with lipstick kisses by Natalie Irish.

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Little Miss Daisy: First Night.


Sometimes when I think of you I can still feel your embrace.
Your fingertips on my waist, that smile on your face.
We didn’t have any time to waste.

The way you loved my hair in your face.
The way you taste.
The feeling you give isn’t fake.
The sounds you make give me a pleasured…

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Little Miss Daisy: Slob The Knob.


If I could I would do it everyday.
I would do it every day so you know this bitch doesn’t play!

I would make you my slave even during the day. I’d become your naughty obsession giving you plenty of confessions. I’d make you scream my name like a burning flame.

Baby, I don’t play.

I’d suck…

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Little Miss Daisy: Marc Jacobs.


Boy, you’re so smooth I’d use my Marc Jacobs condom for you.
Make me feel brand new.

Take it, take it all the way, take my virginity.
Make me feel like I’m in sin city. Suck my titty make my kitty purr, act like fitty not p.diddy.

Your cock talks real mean and witty.
I think your cock is…

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Little Miss Daisy: Dope Man.


A father who shares his pain and shame, but yet doesn’t feel pain nor shame.

What is thay name?
Is it james?

The man who claims regret and mercy, he who swears thay love for me, would never hurt me and would do anything for me.

Yet he brings me pain, heartache and paints my pure heart…

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Photoshoot Theme: Smoking

like it or not, I LOVE Leo smoking

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Little Miss Daisy: Daring Hands.


You make me feel like a lady.
The way you speak to me with your sharp tongue and daring words.
Which no man has ever dared to speak before.

You might be unique, which is what I seek.
Your voice makes my heart beat while your manly yet gentle touch makes me weak.

You make me feel like a…

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Imagine breathing his air when no one is near
He forces your heart to face it’s fears
He will never dry your tears
You know the end is near
He looks at you as if you were bare
Leaving you hoping for a fairytale
His words leave you pale
His touch makes you gasp for air
A beautiful male playing with a romantic female
Give me that fairytale
I swear I won’t tell a soul
I serve you my heart in a bowl

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I knew myself before I knew anyone else
Forcing unacceptance upon myself
Lying to myself
Being there for everybody else
No one could ever see the lies that hid under my dress
Cursing everyone with harmful spells
I rang the bells
Cursing them with my spells

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